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Post-Op Reminders

  • Review Discharge Paperwork: Read your discharge paperwork completely. You will receive an email with electronic notes and appointment records the evening of your pet's surgery.

  • E-Collar Recommendation: We recommend purchasing an E-collar for $15 to prevent licking, biting, and trauma that can promote infection and cause damage to the incision.

    • If you did not purchase an E-collar and your pet is licking or chewing at the incision site, please purchase one ASAP to reduce the chances of infection. E-collars are available at local pet stores, Menards, or at SNIP for $15.

    • Alternatively, you can use a surgical suit or baby onesie for cats and small dogs, or a paper plate/paper bowl with a hole in the center for cats.

Adult Dogs & Cats:

  • Feeding Instructions:

    • May have half of their normal nighttime meal, but do not let them gobble down their food.

    • They may or may not have an appetite, which is normal. If it is more than 36 hours without eating, please contact us.

  • Water Intake:

    • They may have a small amount of water, but do not let them gulp large amounts to avoid vomiting.

Kittens, Puppies, and Toy Breeds under 6lbs:

  • Feeding Instructions:

    • May have half of their normal nighttime meal.

    • They may have a small amount of water, but do not let them gulp large amounts.

    • If your puppy or kitten does not want to eat, rub a little honey on their tongue/gums to keep their blood sugar up.

Stitch Information:

  • Stitch Dissolvability:

    • All stitches and sutures are fully dissolvable and usually take 4-6 weeks to dissolve, and may take up to 120 days.

    • There is no need to return for post-op stitch removal.

Specific Instructions for Female Dogs and Cats:

  • Gum Color Monitoring: Monitor gum color. If your pet is lethargic and has pale gum color, contact us immediately for further assessment.

Specific Instructions for Male Cats:

  • Incision Healing: The incision site (scrotum) is left open to heal and there may be drainage/discharge for up to 4 days post-op.

  • Drainage Information: Drainage can be up to twenty drops of a clear, pink, or blood-type fluid, which can be normal. Contact us if drainage consistency turns to pus.

Healing Time and Restrictions:

  • Healing Time: It takes 10-14 days to be fully healed.

  • Exercise Restriction: Observe an exercise restriction for your pet; leash walks of up to 5 minutes max at a time for dogs and no jumping or climbing cat trees, etc., for cats.

Complications and Follow-Up Care:

  • Complication Timeframe: Complications related to surgery typically present themselves within 72 hours.

  • Follow-Up Care: Access SNIP Post-Op Care, Surgical Related Recheck within 3 days, and Phone, Text, Picture Message Consultation within 7 days. Pets needing care outside of these timelines may need to follow up with their full-service veterinarian.

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